Retirement is a major milestone. If you or someone you know is retiring, you’ll need to plan a party! You might be stuck between knowing you want a party and not knowing a theme. Don’t fret; these will help!


Retirement is essentially a permanent vacation leave. Take advantage of this idea. Choose a beach or luau theme! You can use tropical décor and ask guests to wear Hawaiian shirts. You can introduce sand and seashells into the centerpieces. Keep the mood relaxing and fun!

Trip Down Memory Lane

This theme allows you to reflect on the retiree’s accomplishments throughout his/her career. Consider asking coworkers for photos taken over the years. Use these to make a slideshow. You could post a timeline on a wall as décor. Have the retiree’s major career moves listed on there. Allow guests to write messages on it around the time when they met the retiree.


The retiree probably started working many years ago. Which decade was it when he/she accepted his/her first corporate position or job in a hospital? Let the theme reflect this decade. Perhaps it was in the 80’s. Bring on the neon and boom-boxes!

New Hobby

Retirement means more free time. The retiree will likely take up a new hobby. Implement the new hobby into the theme. Maybe it’s photography. Consider a camera shaped cake. Is it golf? Introduce golf balls into the centerpieces. Will they travel more? Consider an “around the world” theme!

Dress for the Career You Never Had

If someone is retiring, he is ending his working years. There is no longer time to switch professions. That’s why this is fun. If the person retiring has been in the corporate world for years, he/she can dress as a doctor. Someone who has been a doctor can dress as a mechanic. Someone who has been a mechanic can dress as a professional baseball player, for example. The possibilities are endless!