Did you just accept a catering job? Congrats! Will you be catering at a large venue or a private residence? If the answer is the latter, you might have to plan ahead more. Private residences often bring some restrictions that you should know about in advance. Don’t worry! After you consider the things below, you’ll be all ready for the event!


You’re going to bring a relatively large vehicle with ingredients, special appliances, and other necessary equipment. Some residential neighborhoods don’t allow street parking. Check to see if they do in advance. If not, will you be able to park on a driveway? Find out where you’ll be able to store your vehicle before the day of the event. Consider neighbors and neighborhood rules before the day arrives and you’re asked to leave for parking in the wrong spot.

Access to Power

As a caterer, you need an abundant amount of both electricity and water. It is important to talk to the owner of the private residence to see how much power you will have access to. Consider other vendors who will be present at the event. Will you be competing for electricity use with the DJ and entertainers? Does the resident live in an area with restricted water usage? Be sure to check as soon as possible! You can properly prepare only after you know.

Kitchen Flow

Will you be working with a small kitchen space? For example, there might only be one downstairs bathroom that guests have to cut through the kitchen to get to. This might reduce your working space. Will the flow of traffic interfere with your work? If you have limited kitchen space to work with, it might be better for you to bring extra equipment and set up outside or in a different room. This will make the environment safer. The kitchen won’t be at maximum capacity with guests flowing through next to hot appliances.


Depending on the location, it might be popular to host outdoor, backyard events. It doesn’t normally rain in Southern California, for example. That doesn’t mean it never does. Will there be outdoor tents to protect the food and guests from the weather if necessary? How will this influence setup? Even if it’s not raining, it might cool down in the evening. Will you need to think about heating lamps for the food? Discuss these possibilities with the residence owner.