You’re planning an event, and you want the food to be amazing. You open your search engine and type in, “caterers near me.” Numerous options appear. You’re overwhelmed. How are you supposed to choose just one? While exploring your alternatives, consider the following characteristics that the ultimate caterer has.

Detail Oriented

If you’re planning an event, you’re paying attention to a lot of details. You want a caterer who focuses on all specifics of his/her piece of your event, too. The temperature of the food matters. The presentation of the food matters. The quality of the food matters. The timing matters. The best caterers don’t forget to perfect all aspects.


In an ideal world, events run absolutely smoothly. Yet, the reality is that at least something small will not go as planned. If you need to make a last minute scheduling change, for example, you want your caterer to be flexible enough to work with your new agenda. If you need to make a last minute menu change, your caterer should have no problem implementing it.

Good Listener

When you are discussing your needs with your caterer, you will have many requests. You’ll discuss the type of food, the presentation, allergies, etc. The ideal caterer listens carefully to all your requirements. He/she needs to hear all your wants to be able to deliver great service.


You will work with your caterer often. You want it to be a pleasurable experience. A friendly and understanding caterer will reduce some of the stress you’ll have from planning an event. Your guests might also interact with your caterer at your event. You don’t want the caterer to be intimidating or aggressive if guests make special requests.


You want a caterer who is passionate about food. He/she will be creative enough to put twists on traditional dishes to make them extraordinary. For example, if one of your guests has an allergy, the caterer might need to remove a key ingredient. He/she should be able to compensate with an innovative alternative.

Effective Communicator

If your caterer has any concerns about your expectations, he/she should talk with you. Your caterer should maintain open communication with you instead of making assumptions about what you want. The same applies in the opposite direction. That is, if you have any questions for your caterer, you should be able to easily reach out to him/her.