Yummy Baking Company

Yummy Baking Company, home of Unique Edible Dessert Cups and Yummy Bites. Making it easy for chefs to create signature desserts.

Launching new and unique edible dessert cups that are designed for the Creative Chef or Caterer who wants to develop a specialty dessert. Yummy Cups come in four flavors. They can be filled with ice cream, yogurt, mousse, custard, or whipped cream with fruit or fresh berries. Yummy Cups are unique, gourmet desserts that are very simple to prepare and will impress even the most discriminating dessert lovers!
2710 Kelvin Ave. 2313
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 456-6334

BROWNIE CUP: Melt in your mouth, rich, chocolate flavor with a chewy, moist texture. It is “oh-so” addicting, and you will not be able to get enough.
CHOCOLATE CHIP CUP: Soft and gooey with the flavor explosion of rich chocolate chips and a buttery salty goodness. “Oh-so” yummy!
BLONDIE CUPS: Decadent, sweet, white chocolate deliciousness with an enticing brown sugar butter after-taste that will thrill even the most discriminating dessert lovers.
BUTTER CAKE CUP: Sweet, light, and airy buttery flavor with a hint of vanilla that will awaken your taste buds to this Heavenly Deliciousness.