You’ve heard of expos having hundreds, even thousands, of attendees. You’ve wondered what the point of attending is. Since you can’t seem to find one, you’ve never pushed yourself to attend. However, some of the best event planners regularly attend expos. So why not start now? Attending an expo has many benefits.

To Network

Attending expos related to your area of expertise will allow you to meet in-industry colleagues. This is beneficial because you can create connections to help you grow your business. Though the professionals that you meet are within the same industry as you are, you all have distinct niches. Your differing specialties will allow you to become a combined superpower when you partner up. To expand, you can recommend each other’s services to your existing clients. Say you’re a corporate event planner and one of your clients gets engaged. You can refer him/her to your wedding planning connection and vice versa. Networks can also provide the support you need when you have industry questions!


To Meet Clients

It’s no surprise that successful companies need consumers to stay in business. Good news: Not only does attending expos allow you to build partnerships with fellow industry professionals, it also allows you to interact with potential clients. People planning events are motivated to attend expos and seek the help of industry professionals. For example, CaterCon* is an expo designed to reduce the stress of planning events by providing the necessary professional connections. This means that moms planning Quinceañeras, something out of their areas of expertise, go to CaterCon looking for your help. Be there to help them or your competitors will.


To Stay Trendy

It’s hard to keep up with trends on your own. Successful event planners do online and offline research, use social media and touch on their own creativity to understand and start the latest trends. Attending industry expos expedite the research process because expos often educate attendees by having industry speakers and exhibitors highlight the latest trends. You should learn from them because when you aren’t familiar with modern styles, you limit your potential client base.


To Be Inspired

When others are showcasing their services, you can be inspired by their creativity. This will allow you to put your own imaginative twists on ideas that you see. Maybe you’ll see that an exhibitor has branched outside of the norm to introduce a unique service. This can inspire you to take the risk of implementing that original idea you have been thinking about for years but haven’t been certain will work. After you’re inspired, you’ll be able to attend an expo the following year and inspire others with what you’ve accomplished!


*CaterCon 2016 is produced and hosted by the Business Expo Center. It will take place on September 8, 2016, from 4:00 PM-8:00 PM. Tickets are available here.