Have you ever made a mistake while planning an event? Don’t fret; it happens. You probably learned from it and promised yourself that you’d never make the same mistake. Now all you have to do is keep your promise…and avoid making different mistakes. Event planning is a difficult task, but with the tips below, you’ll learn how to dodge event planning blunders.

Listen to Your Clients

People hosting events hire professional event planners for their help, but it’s likely that the hosts will also have opinions about how they want the event to run. As an event planner, you should make suggestions to your clients, but also mind their needs. By listening to your clients, you can avoid making incorrect assumptions about what they want. You will also be less likely to overlook important requests.

Commit to Your Job

When you are planning an event, you’ll have juggle many tasks. All the details of the event matter. Manage your time wisely to make sure that you can commit to all the necessary hours your job requires. Don’t make your client feel like he/she is inconveniencing you when they need more of your time. Go above and beyond to fulfill your responsibilities. Your diligence will pay off.

Ask Questions

If you miss something that your client says, or if you are asked to make a decision about the event that you haven’t discussed with your client, don’t make assumptions. You might think you know what your client wants, but you might be incorrect. Be sure to ask questions about anything you are uncertain about. Your client would rather be on the phone with you before the event clarifying their needs than be on the phone with you during the event, upset about a detail they didn’t approve.

Mind the Details

Attention to detail allows dull events to become extraordinary. Be sure to plan everything thoroughly, and don’t skip steps. For example, if the event has a color scheme, find creative ways to implement it. Go beyond the tablecloths, and try having special drinks that fit into the scheme. When you add innovative twists to details that are commonly overlooked, guests at the events you plan will be wowed!

Be Flexible

Sometimes schedules change, or you run into obstacles when planning events. Be flexible and make adjustments when necessary. When you aren’t willing to make changes, you may lose clients and limit your business opportunities. Because life is unpredictable, it’s crucial to be open to last minute modifications!

Use Your Resources

You are not alone in the event planning industry. There are many resources around you that can help. You should attend industry events*, network with other event professionals, and build connections with vendors who can deliver to the occasions you plan. Also, today, social media is an important resource. Be sure to maintain your company’s or your personal social media accounts to highlight your services in a professional and fun way.

*The Business Expo Center is producing and hosting CaterCon 2016, an event specially designed for event industry professionals. CaterCon 2016 is on September 8th, from 4:00 PM-8:00 PM. For reasons to attend, please click here. To purchase tickets, please click here. Come hungry!